L-TYPE SA by Nurri Coffee


ETA late 2021. Contact us for further information (pricing guesstimate $5.5k-$6.5k).

This innovative new machine from Nurri Coffee takes everything we all love about leva espresso and then removes almost of the limitations of the form factor.

The L-TYPE SA is a PID controlled dual boiler leva with an actively heated group. This allows the machine to dramatically reduce the near hour warm-up period for traditional levas. This machine is ready to operate as its optimum within 15 minutes. The group paddles allow for backflushing and control of preinfusion.

This machine can be plumbed or run from the internal tank and an internal quiet rotary pump attends to boiler fill when required. Like all leva machines, the pour is near silent.

The L-TYPE SA is feature packed and will be available in black, white and also in special order stainless finish with optional zebrano wood sides and touch points.


  • Full 430 stainless body
  • Dual boiler servo assisted group- this allows for backflushing and also control of preinfusion pressure via the SA paddles on the group
  • 54mm modified LSM group with active heating for rapid warmup
  • Stainless steel boilers: Brew 0.8L, steam 1.8L
  • Rotary pump
  • Temperature regulation via 3 channel PID
  • Water supply- via reservoir or mains water
  • Gauges: brew pressure and steam boiler pressure
  • Accessories: Single and double portafilter with optional naked portafilter (Australian standard specification TBA)
  • Dimensions: 360 x 450 x 580 (w x d x h)
  • Mass 30kg+ dependent on specification
  • Power requirements 230V 10A 2200V (2350W maximum)


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