Rocket Espresso R58 V2 and complimentary Hiroia Jimmy scale/shot timer

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  • 2 only. Includes complimentary Hiroia Jimmy Scale valued at $389.
  • Includes 2 x 480g fresh roast specialty coffee.
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This is the most current model dual boiler PID Rocket Espresso R58 and it retains all of the features which have made Rocket machines top sellers in Australia. Steam and hot water wands are cool to touch and twin gauges for steam and system pressure are included.

The R58 includes a quiet commercial rotary pump and has the versatility to be run from the internal 2.5L tank or to be fully plumbed to mains water and drainage.

Download the Rocket Espresso Technical specification sheet
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The group head employed in the R58 ensures optimum thermal conduction and retention, crucial for extracting and delivering the very best flavour and crema that fresh coffee can offer. Temperature of both boilers is monitored and controlled by the inbuilt PID which is accessed behind the drip tray via a port beneath the left hand cover of the machine. A plug in controller is used to alter PID settings when required.

We can arrange and install customisation to your requirements.

A wide range of accessories for this machine are available from our e-shop

Aspects you may wish to consider

Easy fill via removable plate on cup warmerDrip tray is small- but can be drained in this configuration
Removable PID controller- store in a draw when not requiredSomewhat fiddly wire serial pin printer cable style connection. Machine must be switched off and on to communicate
Cool touch wandsEmploys powdercoat chassis unlike the stainless steel of some competitors
Excellent steam tip for easy milk texture
Beautiful Faema style steam and hot water valve handles
Ageless, minimalist design

Vital Statistics
Boiler Capacitybrew 0.58L, steam 1.7L
Fresh Water Tank2.5L tank or plumbed
Voltage220-240V 50Hz
Power consumptionbrew 1400W, steam 1600W (Max consumption 1750W)
Dimensions (W x D x H)31 x 44 x 38.5 cm


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