Rocket Espresso R9




Rocket Espresso recognise the skill and high level of understanding a barista showcases and have designed the R9 to meet the movement of the industry. This sleek multi boiler with saturated groups allows the user to control necessary factors for the development of flavour.

  1. Stainless Steel multi boiler system with fully saturated group head
  2. Each Group is PID controlled and can be incrementally adjusted by +/- 0.1 degree
  3. A clever ergonomic design with extended work platform, steam levers and a low profile
  4. Featuring LED digital shot timers and group head temperature displays
  5. Brew Boiler capacity 1.9 Litres Steam/service boiler capacity: 2 Group 9 Litre/ 3 Group 12.7 Litre

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These days, our Baristas are world class. Their skills and high levels of understanding for espresso require the elements essential to continually search for finer results. Rocket Espresso acknowledge these attributes and have designed the Rocket Espresso R9, a sleek creation to meet the movement of the industry.

The Rocket Espresso fully saturated group head technology provides the anticipated levels of temperature stability allowing the user to control the factors necessary for development of flavour and quality in the cup. Featuring a stainless steel multi boiler system, each group head is PID controlled and can be incrementally adjusted in temperature by +/- 0.1 degree.

The low profile and ergonomic design of the R9 has the barista in the forefront. The drip tray acts as an extended work platform with the smooth steam levers providing the perfect amount of tension when activated. Also helping the barista maintain consistency throughout the day are the digital LED displays found on each group with digital shot timers and the reading of each group head temperature.

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