Sanremo You


ETA mid-late 2022. Price “guesstimate” ~$10k. Contact us if you would like to place a preorder

The Sanremo You dual boiler pressure profiling machine was launched in Milan at HOST 2021.

More information as it comes to hand…

The compact and modern-looking You features an optional paddle on the front of the group to modulate water pressure in real time. Extraction information is displayed live above the group and the inbuilt software can also automate the process.

Through the digital touchscreen, users can also pre-program the pressure, duration, volume and temperature of shots, record adjustments made live, and tweak stored shot profiles. The machine’s on-board memory can store up to 12 extraction profiles, and it comes with a few pre-programmed at the factory.

The You has a stainless steel, 1 litre 1500 watt steam boiler and a 0.5 litre, 500 watt brew boiler. Both are kept at steady temperatures with electronic precision, and a flap at the back of the machine provides quick access for maintenance. Smartphone users will be able to monitor and control their You through a dedicated app.

Exterior colour options are promised: Matte or glossy black or white, with wood veneer customisation options available for the side panels, lever knobs and paddle slider. The machine is also available either with or without the onboard fresh water reservoir, making it potentially suitable for home use or for mobile professional settings.


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