Swiss Water® Decaf Colombia Excelso


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Roasting to order when out of stock. Place your order by 5pm Sunday or Wednesday for roast and dispatch the following day.

Decaf deteriorates very rapidly after roasting. When in stock, we freeze it immediately after roast. We also recommend that you freeze your decaf in an airtight container and then grind it frozen as required. See our blog for some tips.

Our decaf policy has aways been that the coffee must be great. It has to be so good that those who drink it would never pick it as a decaf.

  • Grading: Specialty
  • Notes: lemon, honey and black tea into vanilla and orange peel
  • Body: mid, juicy
  • Acidity: wine-like
  • Roast: Espresso or with milk
  • Drink: from roast day through to day 10



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