August 2019 update: Aillio Bullet 1 V2

This update is provided from Aillio via and with thanks to Espresso Company Australia: Appointed and exclusive Australian Importer.

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Aillio Bullet R1v2 CB Certification Update

A peek into the process
What does it take to comply with certification standards? Well that depends on what product you’re certifying and for what type of user. The Bullet R1 is a unique product: a coffee roaster defined as a ‘home appliance.’ Because it is a home appliance, it needs to comply with some rules that may sometimes feel extreme.

For example…

For this reason, in order to comply with regulations, the electromagnetic radiation emitted by individual electronic devices must be measured to ensure they don’t take up too much “space”. They tested the Bullet and to be frank, like the majority of electronic devices on the market, we failed. But again, this failure was mostly due to its designation as a home appliance. If, for example, it had been given a classification as a high wattage power tool, like a drill, then allowed amount of electronic emissions would have been over 8x (!) higher and we would have passed very easily. Believe us when we say we put forth several arguments for why the Bullet should be given more leeway, but in the end, our arguments were not accepted.

The long and winding road…
Ultimately everyone just wants to know: “When? When will you get certification?” Maurizio’s best estimate at the moment is October, assuming things go smoothly. That is later than we hoped, but not so far away either. However we must share this estimate with the caveat that, as we’ve intimated in previous writings about the certification process- there is always the chance of a surprise. So we can only promise to do our best to bring the process to a close as quickly and cleanly as we can.

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