Art Series #10 La Marzocco GS3 EMP



They say that a Unicorn is a mythical creature. It doesn’t exist. We have our own personal Unicorn and it has amazing capabilities!

To quote my buddy Rick aka The Coffee Machinist

“This machine is the culmination of an 8 month project and many longer term collaborations and thoughts. Here’s my personal take on the stunning La Marzocco GS3.

I always wanted to combine the classic La Marzocco Paddle group and its smooth tactile feedback, with a modern variable pressure pump – the goal being full manual control to dial in flow rate, with the buttery smooth feeling of a well set up MP paddle.

This was achieved by retrofitting a variable speed rotary pump with 3 phase brushless DC motor and associated control gear, which was linked to a sensor so that paddle position regulates pump speed – drive by wire. It’s beautiful,  fun and intuitive to use – think fully manual Strada EP.

The exterior features signature Coffee Machinist parts,  finishes and colour palette for understated elegance in satin and brushed textures.

These include a customised display and keypad in brushed and blackened brass, grey anodised sides and steam lever with blackened brass accents, custom GS3 badge and name plate in blackened brass plus many other visual, tactile and operational refinements.”

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