ECM Giotto Phoenix Art Series #5



Giotto Phoenix is #5 in our Espresso machine Art series. A new (old) machine from the hands of the multi-talented Rick aka The Coffee Machinist.

This incredible machine literally arose from the ashes. It was an abandoned ECM Giotto Classic which was originally manufactured in the early 2000’s and it had not seen much love. It was completely disassembled and the original plan was to do something along the line of a Rat Rod… It evolved from there into a Steampunk espresso art form which must be plumbed or alternately run from an external water supply.

The Giotto was completely disassembled and the first order of business was to take the chassis back to metal, reinforce it and then powdercoat it. Hammertone blue was chosen… The boiler and group were fine, so they were cleaned, restored to better than new and retained. Pretty much everything else in the chassis was binned or recycled. Then came the mods…

  1. The chassis was drilled to accomodate sexy, retro brass toggle valves. The drain panel received strengthening inserts as well.
  2. The group and body were bead blasted
  3. Shot timer and group activity displays were fitted. Why was group activity needed? Good question!
  4. The group received an Izzo stainless steel mushroom and gicleur and a Stealth PID controlling 2 x 250W cartridge heaters to cure one of the biggest limitations of this configuration. The e-61 group typically requires 30 minutes to reach operating temperature. The Giotto Phoenix reaches operating temperature in 8 minutes! The group is tuned so that the PID can control shot temperature. This is how you can achieve dual boiler performance from a heat exchanger machine. The group activity display provides a visual cue that the group is ready for you to work. Steam pressure is outstanding
  5. Rotary pump and motor were fitted with associated hardware to run the machine near silently. It’s super quiet but is plumb only now. The tank is long gone.
  6. Boiler insulation wrap
  7. Custom drain box- not plastic, but pretty much all machined copper!
  8. CNC manufactured custom gauge with billet brass bezel
  9. Current series trapezoid profile Rocket Espresso Giotto feet, drip tray and drip tray insert
  10. Custom badging
  11. Includes retro bakelite naked portafilter.

We love it and we hope that you do too… If you’re lucky, you might even get to own it!








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Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 65 × 70 × 55 cm

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