Art Series #7 Rocket Espresso Mozzafiatio Evoluzione R



Art Series #7 started life as a Rocket Espresso Mozzafiato Evoluzione R. Like all other Art Series machines, it’s a one-off. Once sold, they are never repeated.

  • hand brushed front and rear panels
  • subtle machining and hand-finished “distressed anodising” to sides
  • hand-brushed drip tray
  • custom shot timer and anodised blue bezel
  • anodised feet
  • selective hand-brushing to group components, leva mechanism and rear bar
  • hand brushed valve inserts
  • …and the biggie: We have played with the internal plumbing and decreased pump noise by a verified 50%. It’s near silent.

As always, we thank our buddy Rick aka The Coffee Machinist for developing dreams and then making them reality

Additional information

Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 65 × 70 × 48 cm

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