Brita C150 Finest with PLV to plumb your machine- braided version


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C150 Quell cartridge available on request for installations where the filter is unable to be mounted vertically. Please leave a note at purchase.

The C150KIT uses the latest FINEST range of filters from BRITA to deliver clean drinking water that has been softened to protect appliances such as espresso machines, ice machines & combi ovens. This kit is upgraded to include the newly released C150 finest cartridge.

This kit allows for easy installation to a  1/2″ male tap – making for quick machine installations. It has a 350KPA PLV, braided high pressure hose, Purity C150 filter and head assembly. The outlet of the head is 3/8″ male and fits most braided hoses provided standard with most machines

We recommend that this filter be used at 0% bypass and advise users that unlike the regular c150 filter, it MUST be mounted vertically. The filter is rated to a total of 1100L and should be used with a flowmeter to monitor total use.

Download the Purity Finest Specifications

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Weight 3.2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 15 × 25 cm

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