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Coffee Sweet Roast Profiling Technology


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Coffee Sweet Roast Profiling Technology consists of a PCB controller and interface fitted to the roaster with USB connectivity for PC software. The software can be operated via the roaster or via your PC.

This upgrade is a highly recommended addition to any Has Garanti or Proaster Coffee Roaster. It includes a complete new valve train, hardware and software and installation plus ongoing free access to updates.

Nat Gas users: Please note that Coffee Sweet requires a 2.75kPa gas supply at the burner for optimum operation. We recommend high pressure gas mains of at least 5kPa

  • 4 high grade industrial stainless steel probes for drum, bean, exhaust, cyclone each with adjustable flanges for depth placement and easy removal for cleaning.
  • All probes displayed on LCD screen and PC software with DEG/MIN increase.
  • Real time Ambient Temperature and Relative Humidity readings built into the controller for accurate profile recording of the environment.
  • Auto pilot ignition and burner pilot sensor management
  • Full Modulating burner control 0-100%. Control in 1% increments with 0-100% control range in less than a second. Displayed on LCD controller and also on PC software in real-time.
  • 0-100% drum fan speed control. Control in 1% increments. Displayed on LCD controller and also on PC software in real-time.
  • 29 profile memory with auto control over gas and air (saves your changes as you make them with an auto repeat function). Can adjust drop temps for each profile making profile numbers almost infinite and allowing easy adjusting for changes in atmospheric and green bean conditions. An infinite number of profile files can be saved on the PC for uploading to the roaster at anytime.
  • Auto control management for drop temperature and starting gas and air settings. Manages control of the system automatically to reach the drop temperature then automatically applies preset starting gas and air settings.
  • Adjustable over temperature control set points for each probe. Automatic burner management and warnings of over temperatures. Hard coded fire safety management on each of the probes.
  • Adjustable alarm indicator settings for time and temperature and on each of the probes.
  • USB interface with Coffee Sweet PC Software. Designed by Coffee Roasters Australia. Full control and automation on PC.
  • Real time graphing on all probes as well as air and gas. Easy ability to tick and untick each of these to display on the screen. 1st Crack and Second Crack period marking on graph.
  • Slider bars to control the gas and air from the PC software.
  • Saving of profiles with full editing of gas and air settings by second on a saved profile.
  • Compare profile function. Lay one profile on top of another for comparison and analysis.
  • Automation repeat of a saved profile.
  • Cupping and profiling reporting function with exporting to PDF, Excel and Word. Print and email.
  • Preset automation of gas and air changes on the roaster via bean temperature.
  • Manual overrides during automation
  • Profiles can be uploaded and downloaded from roaster to roaster. Roasters can even share profiles amongst each other. Editing of profiles can be done anywhere with file sharing.
  • Automatic updating of software and firmware each time you open the Coffee Sweet software. If we make improvements you get them ongoing automatically each time you open the software.

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Coffee Sweet Roast Profiling Technology

Available on backorder

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