Espresso machine and grinder customisation


We can arrange customisation of your commercial or domestic espresso machine and/or grinder. Contact us to discuss your requirements:

PID/Stealth PID

  • Some machines (especially single boiler machines and dipper lever machines) benefit greatly from the installation of a PID to control temperature. We can arrange that. Pricing from $450 according to complexity of works.

Swap my steam wand to the other side

  • No problem! Pricing (POA)

Bead blasting

  • Go for that Apple computer sheen to replace the bling on your machine. Pricing according to complexity of works.

Hand brushing


  • Anodising can be used on some grades of Aluminium. Some Rocket and all Slayer side panels. A range of colours are available. Pricing according to complexity of works.

Old School Powdercoat

  • Please note that powdercoat is a hand applied process and slight variations in finish can sometimes occur. Our powdercoater achieves the incredible, but not the impossible!
  • Powdercoating entry level package (your choice of panels excluding the front panel) from $POA
  • Powdercoating complete package (front, sides and rear panel, cup tray cover, drip tray and drip tray cover)- from $POA


  • Flick lever steam for LaMarzocco GS/3- from $900
  • Shot timers to Gicar PID based machines (POA)
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